I began photographing Powwows on the solstice of 2004. My first was at Floyd Bennett Field Gate Way National Park in Brooklyn New York. Each year, the solstice time Powwow is presented by the Redhawk Native American Arts Council, located in Brooklyn New York. Each year since 2004, I have made a point of attending theses magnificent—pride filled declarations of heritage. Though the celebration of culture has moved to Harriman State Park, still—I make a point of visiting TChin, his lovely family-taking in all that is made available. Dancers, singers and artisans arrive from various parts of the Unites States to participate in this rain or shine three—day event. Year after year, the Jingle Dancers, the Fancy Dancers, the Shawl Dancers, and the Hoop Dancers offer public acknowledgement to the importance of their ancestors with unmatched proficiency in traditional dancing and singing, and unrivaled finesse in jewelry design by TChin. All presented in unpredictable heat or rain.