A living conversation about multiculturalism, Beauties: As Seen By Others/And Then What Is (a large-scale dance and new media performance event), offers an uncommon combination of live dance, aerialists and photographic composites accompanied by original music commissioned for this project. The viewer is invited to explore our common humanity as a unified organism, with variations on the basic theme of the human community. Elementary aspects in daily lives, such as music and the concept of prayer have moved forward in time from cultures to continents, crossing oceans. Identifying physical differences between people has brought with it fixed perceptions of who/what is considered intellectually aware, beautiful, and inform how to interact with an individual. 


Beauties will be presented and performed by artists who have firsthand knowledge of living in a society that may not embrace differences. The imagery created specifically for this production will affirm similarities of daily events in a variety of cultures, and consider with respect the worth of various ethnicities and cultures. The various components of Beauties presented together will affirm the similarities of our common humanity. The contemporary design of Beauties will offer an innovative way to encourage acceptance of cultural diversity, while reminding the viewer that we are all here for the sake of humanity.

THANK ALL OF YOU THAT WERE ABLE TO ATTEND OUR FIRST WORK IN PROGRESS at the Pen + Brush Gallery in June of 2016!  Segments of our first showing were included in the Gallery’s profile which aired on the PBS program NYC-ARTS during the month of July!!!

Your presence at for this work in progress assisted in nurturing emerging artists and new productions,  while informing Beauties viewers of your support for equality and respect for diverse cultural traditions around the world.          

Early support for Beauties: As Seen By Others/ And Then What Is, came in the form of a generous touring and cultural exchange grant from the Association of Performing Arts Presenters (APAP), and from Joan Erskin (the projects very first donor), Stefan Weisman, M. C,, Brian Merlis (twice), and wonderful Ian. December of 2013 brought to the company a successful Rocket Hub campaign. A grand thank you, with love from four continents to all that contributed: Sue and Jeff, Ian (a second time), K. Mc Morris, Meissa N., Joanne Issac, K. Barnes, Mercedes and Doris, S. Lannon, Yesenia, Martha Walker, Bernette, B. Helm, Joan (a second  and third time), and Nathalie all the way in Bangkok, and WONDERFUL IAN three times more than before!!!! In June of 2014, The Yip Harburg Foundation graciously awarded this project, and an unprecedented second time in 2015!  Donations (tax deductible over $250.00), are accepted on behalf of Beauties by The New York Foundation for the Arts  https://www.nyfa.org/ArtistDirectory/ShowProject/d3113ab3-06be-4cd1-873f-67d2c2137911 

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“Art must discover and reveal the beauty which prejudice and caricature have overlaid.” -Alain Locke