As Seen By Others / And Then What Is – A multidisciplinary video installation
by Leslie Arlette Boyce

Since before crossing the border into 2020, I spoke of sailing new waters-and here we are. Not yet fully in the midst of the unfamiliar, with destinations not yet known. Humanity will adapt, as will life and art. Beauties: As seen By Others / And Then What Is has adapted as well.

As Seen By Others /And Then What Is presents a video installation of text that questions the viewer’s perceptions of multiculturalism, race and culture. As a multidisciplinary artist, shifting artistic focus to a video installation is a logical progression as an extension of my artistic practice. With acquired skills as a choreographer, director, photographer, and published author—being given the opportunity to create and present this installation came about in the most curious of ways, unexpectedly adding multifarious content to my artistic practice. For some, the events of 2020 have brought to light systemic inequities that others have known to have been firmly in place globally for centuries.

I work to not categorize artists nor the viewer based on appearances, so that we can see the common grounds on which we all stand. “Art must discover the beauty and prejudice that caricature have overlaid”. Alain Locke. Performed by Bafana Matea, with original text, photography and Motion Graphics by Leslie Arlette Boyce.


As Seen By Others / And Then What Is- A fiscally sponsored project by The New York Foundation for the Arts. You may donate to this project, by following this link.